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Looking good on the outside while falling apart on the inside?

Feeling empty and wanting more from your life?

Struggling with an important decision?

You have come to the right place! Sue Bronson is known for her ability to bring clarity to confusion and to identify practical steps to reach your goals. Sue offers a fresh perspective and insight to increase your confidence and find beneficial solutions. She helps you to access your overlooked resources to handle challenges and discover peace.  The therapy process offers support as you tap your own inner wisdom.

 “Thanks for your guidance, your understanding, your integrity, warmth and humor.” H.L.

Possible results of therapy:

  • Make transitions easier.
  • Open your heart to new/existing relationships.
  • When necessary, respectfully end relationships.
  • Acknowledge a trauma or grief to close one door and open another.
  • Separate the big stuff from the small stuff to improve relationships with friends, co-workers, and family members.
  • Stay focused on your path to reach your goals and dreams.



Conflict Resolution Tips

Differentiate your interpretation from facts. Let others know when you are providing facts and when you are offering your opinion. Acknowledge the perspectives of others even if you disagree with them.

Be unconditionally constructive. Do only those things that are both good for the relationship and good for yourself, whether or not others reciprocate. It is effective and also feels good.

Listen. Really listen hard for what the other person needs or wants you to understand.



Sue Bronson, LCSW has over 30 years of experience as a Psychotherapist.  With Ron Anderson, Sue brought Systemic Constellation Work to the Midwest. It is an experiential process that aims to release and resolve profound tensions within and between people.  Sue is also a pioneer in the field of mediation. To Learn more about Sue’s mediation practice and classes please visit ( .  Sue enjoys hiking, biking, and working/playing with her dog.

Call Sue Bronson for an appointment regarding mediation.

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Start feeling better now.