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z Alec Sternig MS, LPC - [email protected]


I believe that human beings can find their balance when they are provided with a safe, supportive, growth-promoting environment. When we put in purposeful work and develop a helpful skill set, we get results. I use a person centered, strengths-based approach that is rooted in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, and Polyvagal Theory. Mindfulness and Interpersonal Awareness are an integral component of my philosophy.

I work with teens and adults who are ready to make change.

The relationship that develops between a client and counselor is a space in which a person can examine their own sense of self, explore the issues they are facing, and discuss the changes they would like to make in their own lives. This exploration is most likely to occur when a client feels safe and trusts their counselor. I have been on this journey of self-exploration, and I have worked with many people as they discover their inner strengths and gain insight into how to improve their lives. A powerful transformation can occur when we learn to trust ourselves and take small steps in the direction of health and well-being.

I have extensive experience as a Licensed Professional Counselor working with clients to develop plans for healthy living.

I grew up in Milwaukee and I love this city. I enjoy spending time outside with my wife and daughters. I like biking, gardening, reading, and exercising. I am passionate about helping people find their way through life.

Please call me at (414) 291-9487 ext 500 to set up an appointment and take that next step.

Thank you,

Alec Sternig, MS, LPC